#OOTD Beth’s Birthday Edition🎉💃💝


My sweet Beth & I!!!

My Outfit of the night was chic, simple and effortless!

My Outfit of the night was chic, simple and effortless!

Outfit Details:  Pants: Kut From The Kloth Mia Skinny Jeans Shirt: Target Shoes: Aldo Purse: Cole Haan Izzie Straw Weave Clutch Necklace: Dailylook Earrings: Forever 21

Outfit Details:
Pants: Kut From The Kloth Mia Skinny Jeans
Shirt: Target
Shoes: Aldo
Purse: Cole Haan Izzie Straw Weave Clutch
Necklace: Dailylook
Earrings: Forever 21


Beth, Ann & I celebrating Beth's Birthday and friendship!!!🎁🎊

Beth, Ann & I celebrating Beth’s Birthday and friendship!!!🎁🎊


Ann & Beth celebrating!!!

Ann & Beth celebrating!!!

It’s always great to celebrate with my girlfriends! And none more than that of close girlfriends. My dear friend and Publicist, Beth, is one of the brightest and beautiful women that I know. We celebrated at Chin Chin Restaurant with lots of love, hugs, holding hands, stories and laughter!

Here’s to you Beth!!! My favorite bumble bee🐝🐝🐝!

Outfit details below!!!



Stroking My Ego; #ootd🙆🙆🙆✌️

OMG you guys, my husband and I had a tears streaming down, crying out loud, looking red to the brink, hard core laughing session. Ahhh, as I got ready for our Date Night, my husband is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS giving me compliments, as do I for him. It was dually noted however, as it was brought to his attention, that I stroke his ego. HAHA!!! We just said, ha…well at least “if we do stroke one anothers ego, at least it’s the real deal, in private and public!!!” And to that I say…my husband is the hottest guy on the planet and he said that I’m the most gorgeous woman on the planet. Here’s to stroked egos, crying out loud, the most gut-wrenching belly laugh that lasted us throughout our entire date night! Now to the outfit!

Enjoy your belly laugh! I know we did!

PS. This “quasi” Topknot is for my Mother-In-Law who always asks me to do it for her! And my mother said take a picture for her. Mom, this one is for you, 😝😝!

Pants: Eccoci Top: Target Shoes: Aldo Purse: Diophy Clutch: Jafra Necklace: Arden B. Earring: Santee Alley

Pants: Eccoci
Top: Target
Shoes: Aldo
Purse: Diophy
Clutch: Jafra
Necklace: Arden B.
Earrings: Santee Alley

First Impression: Minerals that are more than On A Mission💖


Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist, Pressed Powder Foundation, Concealer Duo, Untinted Mineral Beauty Balm SPF 30

Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist, Pressed Powder Foundation, Concealer Duo, Untinted Mineral Beauty Balm SPF 30

Mineral Fusion; Minerals On A Mission is a mineral brand of makeup that I have been using all summer long. I wanted to use this brand for at least 90 days to give a more than accurate review. Aside from the standout products, they donate a portion of their proceeds http://www.ncadv.org/ National Coalition of Domestic Violence. An equally incredible product, for an equally incredible cause. How could you go wrong?

The Pressed Powder Foundation offers a medium to buildable coverage. It will cover redness, acne, eczema and ruddyness on the face. It’s blends easily with a small stippling brush as well. I find that this foundation truly holds it own when it comes to applying Bronzer on top. Some powders transfers, but this does not budge. My color is Olive 1.

Pressed Powder Foundation!!

Pressed Powder Foundation!!

The Untinted Mineral BB Cream is an All-In-One Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance Free with a Zinc SPF of 20% Beauty Balm. I am absolutely in love with this and I love that it’s Untinted. It’s goes in flawlessly (don’t worry about the white cast from the zinc, just blend, blend & blend😜) It contains soothing ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, pomegranate extract, white tea and Vitamin C & E, just to name a few. Not too mention this has the only SPF that I will wear, which is Zinc at 20%. This leaves my complexion dewy for a minimal of 8 hours. Long wearing, long lasting.

Untinted Mineral BB Cream with Zinc SPF 20!

Untinted Mineral BB Cream with Zinc SPF 20!

This concealer has been my GO TO for the summer. In these hot extremities here in LA, I’ve been foregoing the foundation altogether and just sticking to this concealer with Bronzer and Highlight. I’m at pan on the darker color which has been the one that I use the most. I use the light one and blend them both together depending on day, event, etc. This concealer leaves me dewy and not chalky. It has a 7 hour wear which is great for a concealer and it doesn’t crease on me, which is a bonus🙆.

Warm Chaud Concealer Duo

Warm Chaud Concealer Duo

I have spent hours researching a dupe for MAC’s Fix Plus. I wouldn’t say that this is a dupe, I would say it’s equally amazing. It has chamomile, white tea, burdock root and sea kelp to soothe and nourish while defending skin against free radical damage. It’s refreshing, sets my makeup and again leaves me with a dewy and very, awake finish. You wouldn’t know if I’ve slept just 4 hours or 8 with this hydration mist. It also leaves my face looking natural, as opposed to having my makeup caked up for the night!

Overall, I give this first impression a 9 out of 10 for their quality, packaging, and wearability. The price point in on the higher end, but well worth the money. I’m looking forward to adding the bronze duo and the triple quad eyeshadow going into the fall.

Thank you Mineral Fusion for also making Domestic Violence your charity!





#OOTD White Light!!!

Dress: Topshop Earrings and Necklace: Santee Alley Flip-Flops: Dollar Store

Dress: Topshop
Earrings and Necklace: Santee Alley
Flip-Flops: Dollar Store

Went on a wonderful lunch date to Erewhon with my sweet husband, in between work!! I wear so much black, brown and gray in my “work” life, so I wanted to switch it up a bit! It was also 110 degrees, so white keeps me cool too!!!

My makeup is absolutely the same routine I’ve been using. Foregoing the foundation & powder altogether; opting for just concealer, contour and highlight, with burgundy lips. No eye makeup today! Too hot😝


OOTD Chelsea’s Choice


Top: Foreign Exchange Jeans: Halo Depeche Live Shoes: Aldo Purse: Diophy

My cousin/nieces are so precious to me. I absolutely adore and love them more than life! They mean so much to me. So when my niece Chelsea decided that I should do an #ootd, I said ok😜 She was like, “Auntie Yes!” I wore this outfit to a community meeting! I don’t wear jeans to meetings, but this was only a 2 hour meeting, so I thought why not, as long as I jazz it up! So here it is!! Thanks Chels❤️👏❤️👏

Perfume Update: Tokyo Milk No Harsh Chemicals 🙆💫

I must retract myself as I blogged about Tokyo Milk’s Perfume having Parabens in it. Lately, something has been telling me to revisit my former absolute favorite brand of perfume. The product that has parabens in it is their lotion, which I stopped using when I thought that the perfumes had them too. The Sephora associates must have had us looking at the lotions labels & was reflective of the lotion & not the perfume. For that, I must apologize for a mistake.

But how happy am I that I can wear this again. I had them stored in my chest. And first thing tomorrow, I am going to pull them out and use them.

I wish you could smell these via computer!!!This is my absolute favorite!! Here are the ingredients. (Alcohol Denat (DA 40B-190), Fragrance, Water)


Some of the scents are darker, edgier, but very androgynous. I personally really enjoy them!


Let me know if any of you are using this or recommend your personal favorite!!


My Makeup…Fashion & More…💄🎀👠💅👝👘👗

I don’t know if my fashion sense has evolved or if I’ve just grown up a little. Lately, it seems as though I’m getting more & more questions & insight into my fashion and makeup choices. I  understand it completely because when I see a look on Instagram (die hard fan) I always ask “where can I get that.” And it goes without saying that I’m the same way with makeup looks. My friends in the YouTube world are fantastic & I’m constantly begging them to a video on this look or that look. So when I say I understand, I completely and totally do. It’s sort of, not weird if you will, chaotic in my mind because I’m a muse of my own source,  a guinea pig to my own liking, which heightens me to march to the beat of my own drum. Fashion is now 2nd nature to me. Some years back, outside of my constructed, corporate work look, fashion was at the bottom of the list. But I’ve learned, studied, and I’m now a student of fabric, quality, merchandising, branding and price points…which makes me an expert consumer. And for that, I’m genuinely happy:)

do not film makeup tutorials, nor do I have a lot of time for this specifically. But I will continue to post pictures of my looks and I will try my best to perhaps, start doing short vlogs, maybe when I get ready for events, to actually show all of you, how I achieve my looks!!!!

Here is a fashion look with makeup that I wore to 2 events. One in the day to my cousins Fundraiser for Djanai’s Angels and at night to a friends wedding reception!

Thank you for taking a look into my world!! XO-Punky

Went for a mod 70's look with natural big hair! I have no product in my hair! This belt makes a huge statement, so I couldn't have gone with a severe bun look!

Went for a mod 70’s look with natural big hair! I have no product in my hair! This belt makes a huge statement, so I couldn’t have gone with a severe bun look!

With my hubby! I was so excited to be talking to him, he always makes me laugh, so this half smile was cause of the flash! If you man ain’t your #1 fan, then he ain’t your man!!! Um, and my feet were hurting too!

With the ladies at our friends Wedding Reception. What did we talk about? Clothes and Makeup of course!!!

Karen & I getting our "CW" on at Savoy and Olga's Wedding! #capeverdeanwedding

I cannot even explain how hot & humid it was in Los Angeles, which is a rarity for us. So I skipped foundation altogether & I opted for just concealer, contour and blush. I wore very smokey burgundy eyes from the Naked 2 Palette. I wore Lipstick by Wet n Wild in DollHouse Pink. I haven’t worn this color in over a year and I’m looking for a dupe in an Organic Brand :) And Karen always look great no matter what the function!

Photo: Savoy & Olga's Wedding Reception w my Cape Verdean Beauty Queen @cvprincessemj! #capeverdeanwedding

Erica is my Cape Verdean Beauty Queen. She a fashion idol of mine. She knows how to dress beyond anything I’ve seen. I told her she needs to be a professional stylist!!! She loved my outfit! Huge compliment from her. I love this girl to death!!!


Photo: @shortyrockstar What a great Fundraiser at Dolly Couture Tarzana for Djanai's Angels & InClusion Clubhouse! Celebrating this very special cause for our cousin Linda! To donate time or money, please go to www.djanaisangels.com #djanaisangels #supportspecialneeds #inclusionclubhouse #dollycouture

My cousin Linda looked GORGEOUS! She is my fashionista for sure. I wore a Arden B. Jumpsuit with a Newport News Belt. I didn’t have time to go to my tailor, so the belt did the trick, since its big. I wore BCBG Heels with Forever 21 Earrings and a Bracelet that was handmade, which I bought in Sicily!!!

Tiffany’s & Co…My Husband & I!!! 💍💎💍💎

It’s always so wonderful to catch up with hometown friends, but to be honored by my dear friends job, is a treat no less. My friend Sean works for Tiffany & Co. and he wanted to do something quite meaningful and loving for my husband and I. He thought of this brilliant idea of honoring us with a Wedding Champagne Toast for celebrating the marriage milestone at The Rodeo Drive Location in Beverly Hills, CA. We were greeted by the Tiffany’s Team and went straight into the Vice Presidents office. The Vice-President Randy, is such a generous soul and a most genuine human being. We also met some incredible women who are on the team too. The comradarie among them all made our hearts dance to know that our friend was surrounded with such wonderful people. Needless to say, Marvin and Sean got along just like long, lost brothers, even after having just met. I loved seeing that as well.

Through all of us  deeply sharing, and I mean deeply and wholeheartedly, Vice President Randy said that I looked like the quintessential Tiffany’s woman. He said I should have been modeling in the Showroom hours earlier!!! In my head, I was like ” WOWOWOWOW.” I was fluttered with excitement of such a compliment. The women said that my outfit was very “monochromatic” and loved it. I just felt so proud to be representing myself, my husband and my friend in such a way. And what better way to feel beautiful, loved and honored…at Tiffany’s & Co. Thank you Sean, Randy and the entire team for his beautiful gift. It’s such an honor!!!


XO…Punky & Co.

Sean, Marvin and I!!!

Sean, Marvin and I!!!

My ring matches beautifully💍💍

My ring matches beautifully💍💍


And the two became one!!!!

My dear friend Sean & I!!!!

My dear friend Sean & I!!!!

My sweet husband and I!!!

My sweet husband and I!!!

My makeup look for the toast!!! I went with a very 90's classic look, which is right on trend, at the moment!!!

My makeup look for the toast!!! I went with a very 90’s classic look, which is right on trend, at the moment!!! Earrings are by Nordstrom!!!

I'm wearing a Newport News Top, Slacks by Perse, Belt by Carlisle, & Clutch by Ann Taylor!!!

I’m wearing a Newport News Top, Slacks by Perse, Belt by Carlisle, & Clutch by Ann Taylor!!!


My Ring is a gift, from Private Boutique in Atlanta, GA!!!

Oil of Oregano Benefits 🌿🍃

Oil of Oregano, the long awaited oil that we do not have. I’ve been searching high and low for this oil in the purest form. This weekend, we found it. Our sis Charmene introduced us to her friend, who found a potent brand from Greece. We took it both days in Ice Water…all I can say is wow. I can tell it works effectively right away. I felt so much better afterward. It has been 100-110 degrees in Los Angeles. This weather has been brutal to say the least. Therefore, immune systems are constantly compromised, from the heat to the air conditioning to cities that aren’t as hot. It has all taken a toll. Now I don’t have to worry and have found another wonder product, that I have had my eye on for such a long time.

Here are some benefits of Oil of Oregano courtesy of http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/8-great-uses-for-oregano-oil

What are the Top 10 Uses for Oregano Oil?


1. Fight Infection

The science regarding the ability of oregano oil to conquer infections is very clear, showing a very powerful effectiveness against candida albicans, aspergillus mold, vaginal infections, staff infections, and more. One study straight from the United States Department of Agriculture even reported that oregano oil presented such a strong action against germs that it could easily fight Salmonella and E. coli.

In a telling statement, another prominent study from the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center also verified these findings:

        “New, safe agents are needed to … overcome harmful organism infections. Based on our previous experience and that of others, we postulated that herbal essential oils, such as those of origanum (oregano oil)…offer such possibilities.”

2. Protection Against Harmful Organisms

If you’ve ever consumed undercooked meat, non-purified water, or faced the daily routine that most of us endure in the United States and elsewhere, a number of unwanted and harmful organisms are likely to be currently residing inside of your body. Thankfully, oregano oil has been shown to be highly useful when it comes to removing these organisms.

One study in particular, which examined the relationship between oregano oil intake and parasites within the body through a 6 week study, is worthy of note. In the study, those taking 600 mg of oregano oil daily were recorded to have a complete disappearance of parasites within the body. The usage of oregano oil can be an essential tool in the fight against a variety of parasites both within and outside of the body. These include tape worms, bed bugs, lice, fleas, mosquitoes, and round worms.

3. Source of Essential Nutrients

Struggling to get an optimum amount of vitamins and essential minerals each day? Oregano oil is loaded with vital minerals like magnesium and zinc as well as a host of vitamins such as C and E. An added bonus to the multiple uses of oregano oil, the oil can actually function as a source of essential nutrients when used on a routine basis. Oregano oil is sufficiently high in zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium copper, manganese, and niacin. When considering the severe deficiencies of these substances that are so prevalent today, it’s easy to see why this is such a necessity.

4. Digestive Aid

Your overall health will revolve around the health of your gut and colon. Without proper digestion, food will begin to compact and actually rot within the lengthy 25 to 30 feet of the digestive tract. While I highly recommend using an oxygen-based colon cleanser to clean out the pounds of compacted fecal matter from the digestive tract, another key factor to consider here is stopping the build up in the first place. Oregano oil is known to specifically stimulate the flow of bile into the digestive organs, enhancing the digestive process and helping to sustain your biological systems that help to determine your overall state of health.

5. Menstrual Aid

Irregular, painful periods along with negative menopause effects are among one of the most commonly reported issues facing women today. One of the best responses to this is oregano oil, which can actually help aid in supporting irregular menstruation as well as protecting against negative menopause attributes. For women, this is a substantial bonus to the already lengthy list of uses and effects.


6.Fight Aging

Perhaps the hottest health trend of the past few years is the science of combatting aging. Oregano oil can help to slow down the process of cellular deterioration, and as a result can impact the rate at which negative aging effects occur. The large number of antioxidants found in oregano oil can also aid in the protection against age-related issues like eye disease, muscle degeneration, and numerous nervous-system disorders.

7. Allergy Support

Those suffering from allergies will find the soothing and therapeutic properties of oregano oil in regards to allergic reactions to be highly appealing. Oregano oil can produce sedating effect on the hyper-sensitivty of allergies, which ultimately leads to a real relief for those with allergy concerns. Instead of harsh medications with a long list of side effects, oregano oil can offer a serious natural alternative when it comes to curtailing the drastic effects associated with allergic reactions.

8. Weight Loss

Despite its reputation as a natural immune booster, oregano oil also packs a punch against unwanted body fat. As demonstrated by a recent study that focused on the fat burning capabilities of oregano oil, the active ingredient in oregano oil known as carvacrol can actually modulate genes and reduce irritation in white adipose tissue.

When fed a fattening diet, mice not given carvacrol quickly became obese. In contract, mice given as low as 0.1 percent carvacrol gained significantly less weight and even had lower levels of cholesterol and trigylcerides in their blood.

9. Eases Discomfort

Painful conditions such as arthritis, backaches, or carpal tunnel can wreak havoc on your daily lifestyle. Without proper response, the issue can even become more prevalent – let alone dangerous. Oil of oregano can be used topically to go deep inside the skin and help to assist in relieving the discomfort that stems from many of these issues.

Simply create a 50/50 mixture of organic oregano oil and organic olive oil and apply the mixture topically to the affected area for relief. Those suffering from sore muscles, sports injuries, and backaches may also reap these benefits.

10. Combat the Cold

Coming down with a case of the common cold or even the seasonal flu can be a major detriment to your way of life. Oregano oil can help to add a layer of protection to your immunity when used appropriately. If you feel a cold coming on, try placing 3-6 drops into an empty capsule and take 2-3 times daily before meals. Continue this regiment for 5-10 days.

In addition, you can help to stop the cold before it starts by taking the recommended serving of organic oregano oil at 1 capsule full of 3-6 drops.

Always remember that the quality of the oregano oil you are purchasing does matter. Organic oregano is much different than the traditional oregano oil you may find at your local grocery or drug food store. Organic oregano is an excellent addition to any emergency medical kit, beauty aid (when dilluted with water), and general wellness ingredient.

- Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

Hope this is informative for all of you.




Summer Accessories👓👛📖

Summer Accessories, my favorite part of summer. So many more choices, colors and options. Today, I’m sharing with you my top accessories that have been easy to throw in a tote back and out the door🏡🚲

I have been using my Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Clutch to store my tea bags, that I keep inside of a ziploc bag. I also keep my phone, sunglasses and case, along with antibacterial spray. For a clutch, it’s quite roomy. It was one of the best investments that I have purchased. The link is in my Birthday and Bridal Attire post!!

Next, I have my 3 favorite summer teas and these are just the ones from Tazo. I have other favorite brands, but I had these right in my bag👜 Awake English Breakfast, Passion and Decaf Chai, have been giving me that extra boost in 110 degree LA weather! I drink them cold often☕️🍵

My summer reading book is called Retribution my Jilliane Hoffman. This comes in a 3 part series and I plan on purchasing the other 2, once I finish this one. It’s such a captivating book for the reader…me🔝🔚

And lastly, my sunglasses and case. This case is from Max Studio. It’s the perfect case which fit my new Cole Haan Sunglasses, just perfectly😜 I am obsessed with these sunglasses for 2 reasons. One being that I love this mod inspired framework with the gold lettering, down to the brown and black detail, which is timeless. And secondly, because these are the only pair of sunglasses in which I own, that aren’t scratched. I’m so bad with sunglasses, so I finally got me a case!!! I feel so grown up now and this was the final step to getting me organized before my big 4-0. I’m quite proud to be an organized owner of sunglasses!!!! It’s pretty grown up, don’t cha think?👸







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